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How a Global Cruise Company Realized Digital Transformation With Knoldus

A few of the results achieved -


No. of ships to which the mobile application was rolled out to so far


Percentage of guests using the mobile app


Reduction in time to deploy a new feature.

About the Organization:

More than 40 years ago, our partner set out to create ships that astound and experiences that amaze. It's a large cruise vacation company that operates multiple brands globally and represents 20% of theglobal cruisers and serves close to 5 million guests across the globe each year. The company offers varied itineraries across 1000 destinations with 60 operational ships across all seven continents.

Cruise guests expectations have changed with the advent of mobiles and AI

Time is precious, now more than ever. Almost every minute is assigned and accounted for in the hustle and bustle of the day. So when people get a chance to take a holiday from their busy lives, they want a frictionless experience that supersizes the vacation fun. They expect an experience of being away while at the same time having all the connected comforts of home.

As the following picture depicts, a cruise involves several touch points with the customerthat may potentially create unpleasant aspects. For example, long embarkation times,missing documentation during check-in etc.

Knoldus Case Study Global Cruise Company

For our partner, this meant redesigning the entire customer journey, changing the culture and processes in delivering technology products and innovating continuously to bring the guest experience into the digital Age.

With this, the organization also wanted to streamline operations so that the crew membersdid not have to fill numerous forms that involved unnecessary manual work.

The global cruise vacation company wanted to achieve -

The agenda is to think differently about connecting with their guests, with their employees and also generate new revenue streams.

The Challenge

When Knoldus came onboard, the Global cruise company was still in the early stages of its digital thinking. Guests had limited visibility to activities and amenities through a web portal and a minimalist app. Once aboard, they received a daily printed newsletter detailing the events, activities, restaurants and menus, shore excursions and ports of call for the day. Further, to participate in an event or excursion, guests had to line up and sign up with the crew on a first-come, first-served basis.

This traditional approach was limiting, particularly for generations who were more accustomed to a digital-first mindset and were looking for a more streamlined and frictionless experience. In today's world, people expect the ease of technology in everything they do. They find it saves them time and effort, especially when on vacation, where time is one of the most important commodities they have.

From the technical perspective, here are the significant challenges and roadblocks Knoldus have to overcome:

Our Solution: A fully integrated shore-to-ship digital experience

This case study is a classic example of how Knoldus helped its partner organization with legacy modernization & digital transformation.

The solution came in the form of a smart mobile application driven by microservices that digitized the guest experience and facilitated a seamless experience for employees also. The app has been built on reactive technology and has helped the company in shortening the development lifecycles through which, the company is constantly launching and testing out new features, and responding to changing customer feedback and expectations.

Knoldus delivered the complete range of mobile application backend systems for the cruise line so that the app can work seamlessly across all conditions. Our services helped the company achieve the below solutions:

The app, for instance, provides a smooth interface for those who want to avail the food & dining services while they are on the cruise. There's a range of options available in terms of restaurants and cafes that offer delivery services. Here's a glimpse of how a customer interacts with the app if he/she wants to place an order.

Results: Cruise guest experience gets a digital facelift

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