Scala Full Stack Product Development

Knoldus is a pioneer in Scala software development. We started solving business problems with Scala late 2008 onwards.

Creating a successful product is a challenging task that needs careful planning & dedicated execution. We integrate with our partners in order to convert 'vision' into 'execution'. We take care of end-to-end software development cycle of a product while leaving our partner with enough time and mind-space to focus on the vision and business aspects of the product. We offer different engagement models to approach the business problem in a win-win way.

The partner's domain knowledge and market understanding is well-complemented by Knoldus' technical, process and management expertise acquired by the scores of product development engagements it has undertaken. We understand that all products necessarily go through a lot of flux in the initial stages.

Our methodologies, a combination of Scrum and XP, suit the ever-changing requirements which helps build a great product to the satisfaction of our clients. "We work in a lean startup mode and would get your MVP (Minimal Viable Product) out efficiently". We would test the waters with you and then refine the product based on the market needs.

Advantages of using Scala

   More concise and clear than Java (especially using more functional style, such as in the collections library).
   Research shows that Scala code is on an average 33-50% the size of the corresponding Java code to accomplish similar things.
   It has closures and functions as a part of the language.
   It allows mixins which help us write reusable code.

Products using Scala

products using scala

Knoldus provides full stack development support for products and projects.

Depending on the needs of the product, Knoldus provides full stack support for end to end development of the product. We have developed products which have web based and mobile clients. These clients in turn talk to rich web frameworks like Lift, Play or minimal frameworks like Scalatra, Unfiltered. The core logic is implemented in Scala and Akka and is easily exposed with REST.

Knoldus has expertise with the following frameworks :

  Lightbend stack - Scala, Akka, Play, Slick.
   Scalatra, Unfiltered.
   Spray, Hyperscala.
   Backbone.js, Angular.js, Node.js, Ext.js.
   MongoDB, Redis.

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