Knoldus provides targeted advise and support to the team working on a product.

We can work with the team for a few sprints and share the best practices, first hand, while we are engaged with the team. We can help a new team kickstart Scala development for their product with the right practices, tools, frameworks and practices. We can also jump into a Scala product which is under active development. Here, we can provide external insights into what needs improvement and then work with the team to improve the product. We can also help you troubleshoot some of the nagging problems that you might be encountering at regular frequencies.

Knoldus offers coaching and consulting on :

   Kick-starting a Scala product.
   Hand-holding and development with the team product.
   Providing and external audit on areas of improvement.
   Fire-fighting, project rescue for a product under active development.
   Troubleshooting a nagging issue.
Refer to out testimonials to see how we have carried out project rescue.

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