Scala Application Re-Engineering

We can work with you to identify the best approach to take when moving your systems and help you carry that through to a successful conclusion. We would let you know if we feel that migration might not be a good idea.

There might be two forms of re-engineering for a product.

Dynamic languages, Java to Scala Migration :

Many Scala systems start their life as mission-critical Dynamic language (Ruby, node.js, Groovy etc) or Java systems which have seen significant investments over multiple years. Over a period of time due to the absence of strong typing for dynamic languages and boiler plating, slow innovation cycles for Java, extending and maintaining these systems becomes very difficult. The case for migrating these systems to Scala is mostly driven to ease development and extendability leveraging the multi-core and concurrency support. It is essential that the transition is manageable and provides measurable incremental benefits along the way.

Relevant case studies

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Scala intra stack Migration :

A rich web framework stack might require transition to a loosely coupled separate client and server stack or be broken down into micro services architecture. Further reactive front ends like React.s, Angular.js and Backbone.js might outweigh the benefits of server side HTML generation. Other reasons may be change in direction of an enterprise where in they want to standardize all products on a similar platform.

Relevant case studies

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