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We are proud to be CTO, CIO, CDO certified success partners. The most important step is to determine your Need Gap and select a service to Bridge that Gap. We won't sell you a product or pre-fab solution but would help you define where we can provide the most value to succeed with your business case. We enable this through a broad spectrum of end-to-end services we provide across multiple platforms.

Reactive Applications

Reactive Applications

Users expect rich and highly responsive applications in a world where data volumes continuously grow and the service landscape becomes more and more distributed. This poses additional challenges to software applications with respect to scalability and their ability to deal with failure to ensure business continuity. We are committed to building state-of-the-art reactive solutions based on the world's leading Reactive application development platform - the Lightbend Reactive Platform

Fast Data & ML

Fast Data & ML

The way that big data gets big is through a constant stream of incoming data. In high-volume environments, that data arrives at incredible rates, yet still needs to be analyzed and stored. We use Fast Data stack along with Machine Learning algorithms to make the best analytics of data using Databricks, Kafka and Cassandra.

Reactive Devops

Reactive Devops

We'll take care of your infrastructure, so you can get back to building the product that actually generates revenue. We specialize in the Cluster management, deployment, monitoring and alerting of the Reactive Applications, Fast Data and machine learning products that we would develop for you. Our experts to watch over the product during development and maintenance so that developers can make frequent changes without worrying about deployment. Sleep sound.



Our training courses place equal emphasis on deep theory and practical advice. All are available on-site and online via live video conferencing. Learning the syntax of a programming language is only scratching the surface. This is why we are one of the few training companies that show your developers how to think functionally, as well as how to write code or integrate various technology stacks that we take pride in.

How to start with Knoldus

Introductory email 1

Introductory email

We value good communication - so let's start by getting to know each other: tell us about your product/ company, what are the challenges you are facing and how we can help you. Ask us questions - as many as you would like!

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Voice Call

We will contact you shortly to set up a video call, where we can meet face-to-face nd get more details from each another. we don't follow a "one size fits all" approach - you will get your personalized proposition depending on your needs and constraints.

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Take your time

We understand that you may need some time to decide on the best service for your company's needs so please take your time. During this time you can ask as many questions as you want- we are at your disposal. In our FAQ you can also find answers to most common questions we hear from our clients


Specialized Consulting

We take your mind off software development. We can also help you in a few other ways:

Technology Consulting and Audits

Technology consulting and audits

Support and rescue of projects

Support and rescue of projects

Closed trainings for your team<

Closed trainings for your team

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