A relevant architecture model for applications interacting in real time with users

With the explosion of mobile and data-driven applications, users are demanding real-time access to everything everywhere. System resilience and responsiveness are no longer "nice to have"; they're essential business requirements to meet modern demands. Businesses increasingly need to trade up from static, fragile architectures in favor of Responsive, Resilient, Elastic and Message-Driven systems. This system is known as Reactive System.

Reactive System fulfills modern resiliency requirements and easy to develop and amenable to change. They are significantly more tolerant of failure and when failure does occur they meet it with elegance rather than a disaster. Reactive Systems are highly responsive, giving users effective interactive feedback.

In a nutshell, Reactive Systems are

Knoldus Reactive System
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The system responds in a consistent and timely manner if at all possible. It also detects problems quickly and mitigates them effectively.

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The system stays responsive in the face of failure. Resilience is achieved by replication, containment, isolation, and delegation.

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The system stays responsive under varying workload. Reactive Systems can react to changes in the input rate by increasing or decreasing the resources allocated to service these inputs.

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Message Driven

Reactive Systems rely on asynchronous message-passing to establish a boundary between components that ensure loose coupling, isolation and location transparency. This boundary also provides the means to delegate failures as messages.

As an official Lightbend Partner, Knoldus maintains a proven track record of successfully integrating scalable, fault-tolerant solutions for our customers by implementing the Reactive system using Scala, Spark, Lagom, Akka, Kafka, and Play Framework. Leverage our expertise to build modern, Reactive systems that meet the performance, scalability, and reliability needs of today's cloud-native applications.

Leverage our Scala proficiency to bring a pioneering end-product to the market

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Scala Full Stack Product Development

Knoldus position our dedicated teams to seamlessly convert your "vision" into "execution" and provide powerful development tools with the end-to-end software development cycle of a product and let you focus on the business aspects of the product. We use Knolway® process (combination of Scrum and XP) with daily deployments to get quick feedback on the development.

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Scala Application Re-Engineering

Knoldus helps you to seamlessly migrate an existing Monolithic application to Microservices architecture based application using Lagom or Akka-clustering and Akka-persistence. Upgrading the business application with functional and object-oriented programming languages (Scala and Java8) to achieve more powerful features.

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Cloud Native Products

We build cloud-native products which are elastic, on-demand, infinite and ephemeral. Clod native products enable enterprises to have fast, asynchronous, distributed cloud application with a clean and efficient code base.

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Web-Scale Mobility

We can work with you to identify your mobile and tablet strategy. Based on the need we would propose either a PhoneGap, Ionic based solution or running Scala on Android. We also build vertically scalable mobile app running Scala based Scaloid or Macroid on Android

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High-Performance Systems

Building the system by leveraging the inherent combination of Scala and Akka for harnessing the multiple cores present on a machine, and scaling vertically and further distributing the processing horizontally.

High-level design & architectural advice from a team with extensive experience deploying applications into production.

At Knoldus, we have worked at systems which have not only succeeded in processing massive amounts of data but have won innovation awards and have been featured on prime time news.

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Scala Consulting and Training

We provide in-depth training on Scala and new technology stacks to help your team become more proficient, productive and efficient using Scala.

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Our Toolkit of building reactive applications

Business Benefits of adopting Reactive Principles

Architecture based on reactive principles, leveraging Knoldus expertise, the outlook for success on a digital transformation journey looks a whole lot brighter:

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    Resilient and Responsive Applications

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    Optimized Infra

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    Higher Developer Productivity and Velocity

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    Rapid Time to

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    Faster Time to

Success Stories of building Reactive System

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Case Study

Global Financial Institution

Knoldus provides a reactive architecture to improve the efficiency and extend the business benefits

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Case Study

Service Source

Explore how Service Source scaled their ecosystem with Scala and Akka

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Case Study


D&B handles almost 8x times the volume of alerts through rapid development and concise code offered with Scala.

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