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Our ultimate goal is to create customer successes. We begin by listening carefully to our customers, understanding their technology and business objectives, and aligning our resources with the customers' objectives.

Working software is the primary measure of progress.

- The Agile Manifesto

Knolway Process

Knolway is a Knoldus proprietary process to develop high-quality software. It has been built and perfected over the last decade over numerous assignments and engagements. Knolway strives to be the optimal combination of People, Process and Technology, thus leading to a way to develop software which succeeds. A software is successful when it is delivered within the price and schedule constraints with high quality, thereby delivering business value.

It is a combination of various Agile techniques and tries to draw inspiration from Scrum, XP, Lean, DSDM, RUP etc.

knolway process

Step 1Fusion

A series of rapidly executing workshops to build the project vision and consensus amongst the internal and external stakeholders. With a common understanding of project goals established, client and Knoldus teams can then define and prioritize requirements, success factors, and create a roadmap based on key business and technical considerations. It drives clarity, accelerates delivery and helps achieve business goals.

Step 2 Architecture Release

This is the first release of the product in which 10-20% of the complex functionalities of the product are rapidly built. This is not a POC but a fully tested, production quality release. The technical design and the architecture are validated as a part of this release. Architectural significant stories are identified for implementation as a part of this release. The idea is to whet out the architectural alternatives and prove that the system being developed would work as per the SLAs.

Step 3 Development Releases

Once the architecture release is done, rest of the stories are built sprint on sprint leading to releases. Each release has got several sprints under it. Each release aims to put a significant functionality into the product. A release can either be software-in-production or an internal release for testing purposes only. Simultaneous and continuous integration with established systems ensures ongoing build and testing of components. This avoids a full integration phase at the end of the project, helping to reduce timeframes and costs.

Step 4 Mantain and Enhance

This phase consists of 2 kinds of activities. RTB (Run the business) and GTB (Grow the business). RTB maintains and manages the software in production. The maintenance could be SLA based or a certain number of developer hours each sprint. GTB would follow the lifecycle of Development Releases.

The Process Flow


On every project, we partner with our customers. We make a sincere commitment to work hand-in-hand to produce a success quality product.


We begin by listening carefully to our customers, understanding your technology challenges and business objectives, and aligning our resources toward the customers' needs.


We help our customers create a production and technology road map to lead to successful project. We map out the plan in two-week sprints.


Using Agile practices (Scrum and XP), we deliver powerful functionality and performance within short iterations using proven, lightweight processes and implementation, which keeps pace with the speed of your business. We nimbly navigate through the development cycle allowing for quick course changes and continually test / retest our work to ensure ultimate quality.


Before we start coding, we write tests to establish rules for how a program should function. Once coding, we run these tests help ensure that our software behaves effective and efficient.


We develop toward deploying your Minimal Viable Product (MVP) to help launch your product in the most efficient and expedient manner possible. We would test the waters with you and then refine the product based on the market needs.

Knoldus Core Practices

Pair Programming

Two heads are better than one, so we write code in pairs. Pair Programming provides a higher degree of quality assurance, encourages diversity of thought, and ultimately produces better software.


We build software in short, one week release cycles called iterations.This method provides built-in quality check points, which allows our team to adapt the change requirements and continually improve the end product.

Test Driven Development

We leverage tests to ensure our coding behaves correctly. This increases accuracy, efficiency and effectiveness of our coding. This help get your product to market on time and on budget.

Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration is the corner-stone of daily activities. Our diligent dedication to Continuous Integration results in immense confidence in the software we deliver to be robust and defect-free.

Customer Centric Communication

One of the keys to successful Agile development is open and consistent communication with our customers. This ensures our team stays on target with the customer's objectives, encourages customer involvement at every step, and builds a partnering relationship that focuses on mutual success.

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