Smaller Is Sometimes Better!

Rapid digitization and growing demand for real-time data from connected devices forcing enterprises to be agile enough to respond to the evolving business priorities and the rising expectation of customers. Most of them must rebuild applications that need to quickly adapt to changing needs; and the traditional way of rolling out (and supporting) large applications just isn't sufficient. To meet growing multi-dimensional challenges, IT organizations must evolve their IT architectures that provide more agility, higher productivity and improved software quality for the competitive edge.

To meet these elevated demands, the logical step is to re-architect applications from monolithic to microservices. Microservices and APIs can be used to drive legacy systems so that they provide heightened value in an environment that demands speed, agility, and scale. And microservices architecture using reactive applications is a viable approach and offers unique possibilities

Knoldus help organization to isolates failed components, communicates asynchronously with API, performs autonomously and sustains mobility with microservices. With our Microservices and API solutions, companies not only speed up their software delivery but also improve business agility and scalability.

Our Key Offerings

At Knoldus, we help organizations to create a pragmatic plan to shift or re-architect your systems with a high-performing reactive microservices approach that suits your need.

  • Microservices feasibility analysis.

  • Dedicated Center of Excellence for Microservices & Containerization.

  • Re-usable assets and artifacts for faster implementation.

  • Robust in-house frameworks to build custom Microservices.

  • Strong partner ecosystem and open source expertise.

  • Develop custom API integration based on your need

Business benefits of Microservices and API:

Reactive Microservices architecture is helping enterprises to deliver richer experiences for customers as well as employees.

Knoldus Optimize your EDW

Achieve Digital Maturity

Build customized cloud-native applications and simplify monolithic, legacy applications by creating smaller, agile microservices. Enable hybrid integration and APIfication to share your digital assets and monetize their usage.

Knoldus Data Lakes Management

Scalability and Reliability

A successful microservices architecture just keeps going and avoid system failure. It's repeatable automation, scaling application, and designing patterns features keep the system running.

Knoldus Stream Analytics

Resilience accelerates business growth

Using asynchronous messaging patterns and fault-isolation techniques, microservices can provide a more stable overall experience, allowing parts of an application to continue to operate in the face of individual microservice failures. ultimately, boosting top line growth.

Knoldus Stream Analytics

Drive Rapid Innovation with responsive microservices

Companies that adopt a microservices architecture can continuously deliver capabilities according to the customer's changing needs-and not be stuck with fixed release schedules, thereby reducing time-to-market

Our experience with Microservices and API

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Case Study


Explore how 3TL controls the high traffic spikes and facilitate communication in a non-blocking environment

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Case Study


Explore how RCCL migrated from legacy monolith to battle-ready micro-services.

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Case Study


Freebird handles real-time data feeds at high-speed with the Microservices Architecture

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