Container technology has revolutionized the way organizations develop, deliver and deploy applications with increased efficiencies, and adoption is set to increase tremendously in the coming years. Containers are a primary enabler for enterprises embracing continuous delivery, supporting the implementation of applications as configurations of independently-scalable services which reduce density in the existing infrastructure and leads enterprises to release more software at a faster pace.

However, the foremost challenge with containers is container management. The main challenge is that - organizations struggle while managing containers at scale. The huge ecosystem that surrounds and supports containers can be formidable and requires the right plugins, orchestration solutions, and monitoring tools to ensure successful deployments.

For clients that have not yet adopted containers, Knoldus works to assess the technical and organizational requirements to integrate these new technologies and practices. For clients with known requirements, we work to architect and implement solutions that make open source technologies like Docker and Kubernetes part of their development and operational fabric. Knoldus engagements start with strategic planning around container adoption or focus on a technical win through a pilot of a microservices application deployed via a CI/CD toolchain. In either case, Knoldus works with the client to develop solutions that extend customers' legacy data centers into the new container ecosystem while empowering with their organization's strategy and key goals. With our comprehensive understanding of Docker, Kubernetes and Apache Mesos, we have been successfully helping the organization to develop solutions in and around these technologies.

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Our Offerings

  • knoldus-Plugin Development Plugin Development
    • Docker Network (CNM-based or non-CNM-based)/Volume (Flocker, Contiv)/Authorization plugins
    • Kubernetes Network (CNI) plugins
    • Kubernetes scheduler extensions
    • Flocker integration for storage arrays
    • Deployment of container-based applications
    • Containerization of applications
  • knoldus-Orchestration Orchestration
    • Management and orchestration for Docker
    • Distributed deployments of applications on Kubernetes across multiple zones using wrappers above Kubernetes.
    • Containerization of services (Storage Container)
    • Service chaining using containerization of services
  • knoldus-Monitoring-icon Monitoring
    • Packet-based monitoring of container networks
    • Single pane resource/service monitoring

Benefits of Containers Orchestration Solution

  • knoldus Less overhead Less overhead

    Containers require fewer system resources than traditional or hardware virtual machine environments because they don't include operating system images.

  • knoldus-Increased portability Increased portability

    Applications running in containers deployed easily to multiple different operating systems and hardware platforms without making any changes to its source code.

  • knoldus-knoldus-operation-icon More consistent operation

    DevOps teams know applications in containers will run the same, regardless of where they are deployed.

  • knoldus Greater efficiency Greater efficiency

    Containers allow applications to be more rapidly deployed, patched, or scaled without impacting the entire software.

  • knoldus Better application development Better application development

    Containers support agile and DevOps efforts to accelerate development, test, and production cycles.

  • knoldus Improve App Security Improve App Security

    Containers improves the security of apps by having it in a distributed manner without any dependencies. It also prevents unauthorized users to access the internal & external processes

Our toolkit for containers

We are certified engineers with all major container technologies and tools.

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Success stories with containers

Knoldus ndimensional bg
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Explore how Decooda support the streaming, real-time or batch processing of extremely large datasets

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Explore how RCCL migrated from legacy monolith to battle-ready micro-services.

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Knoldus helps HPE not only build customer value, but also gain momentum for analytics transformation.

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