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Technologies Used : BackBone.js, Lift framework, Scala, Akka, MongoDB, WebRTC, Paper.js

Domain : Education

About TutorMe

TutorMe is a revolutionary concept that takes online learning to the next level. It allows students learn in the comfort of their own environment but the sessions are live. Students and teachers interact on a highly responsive and performant infinite whiteboard which can host images, text, videos, audio and all other media.

The product is extremely successful in the UK market and is now growing to other geographies.

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The Challenge

TutorMe met with Knoldus in London where the product situation seemed quite grim. The existing team was not able to meet the stakeholder expectations and the product was in a bad shape. TutorMe needed a partner that they could trust and who would act like a partner in rescue and further development of the product.

Our Solution

Knoldus worked with the TutorMe team in London to understand the re-engineer the codebase which existed. Test harness was built around the product so that we could refactor the code without affecting the final outcome. Best practices were incorporated with respect to Scrum based development, development styles and communication structures. The product was refactored and additional features built on the product so that it could be taken to the market and used in production.

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Currently the product is being heavily used in production. The classrooms have waiting time on their bookings and the product is getting rave reviews from students and tutors alike. During the 2 month exam season, the product generated more revenues than the cost of the developing the product. Knoldus continues to be the engineering team on the product and is currently enabling extended features for multi location multi student sessions.

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If you are looking to build a Reactive Product with Scala, Akka, Play Framework or a Big Data Solution leveraging Spark, Knoldus is here to help. We are proven, experienced Certified Lightbend Partner, available for partnering to make your product a reality. Get in touch with us here, Follow us @Knolspeak or just send us an email on

"Working with Knoldus was our first experience offshoring. Our initial concerns, especially in relation to time zone differences and language barriers, were resolved during the planning phase, ensuring a smooth start to proceedings. Once we handed the project over to the offshore team, they quickly picked up the pace and the agenda from a tricky starting point, and were soon delivering value. We were genuinely impressed by Knodus. They have a smart approach to working with clients and seem to consider every aspect of a project, from the architecture to the integration process, demonstrating an impressive attitude towards problem solving."

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Founder : TutorMe

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