Primoris offered secure and DSS compliant payment options with the help of Knoldus' Microservices solution.

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Partner: Primoris Services LLC

Technologies Used : Scala, Play, Akka, Postgres, AWS services

Architecture : Microservices

Processes : Knolway, Scrum, XP, Git-flow

Approach : DDD

Domain : Payments/Insurance

About Primoris Services

Primoris services is a payment processing company specializing in handling complex payment methods in the insurance domain. Insurance companies or insurance payment carriers can easily use Primoris' payment processors to settle payments from the customers. Payments through credit card, debit card, Electronic Fund Transfer(ACH) etc. can be carried out in a highly secure way with the consumer choosing Primoris' mobile app, IVR on phone, Primoris' web portal or by implementing Primoris' API.

The Challenge:

Insurance domain is a complex domain when it comes to settlement of the payments from the customer. There are multiple ways to settle payments received from the customer for example through cash, check, credit cards, electronic drafts etc. The method of transferring the payment to the insurer is important too as the payments can be made in-person, through a POS (point of sale), mail, and through electronic or online methods.

Primoris' requirement was to build a 100% PCI DSS compliant safe and secure operating environment through which payments could be processed. They needed a common interface that could be used both by the insurers and their customers for receiving and making payments respectively.

Another requirement was to gather intelligence from the payments submitted through various mediums and identify areas of improvement such as customer experience and quicker and faster payments.

Our Solution

To overcome the challenge, Knoldus spent time understanding the domain for defining a robust, secure and performant architecture, and for providing analytics for business improvement.

Knoldus helped in building the payment service for insurance from the ground up. Knoldus took a Domain Driven Design approach to divide the problem into sub-domains and build an orchestration layer to enable communication between the sub-domains. Each sub-domain was developed as a Microservice with a service-specific database, and an orchestration layer was built to enable communication between services by passing messages through message queues.

Our approach helped in making the solution more modular, offering multiple payment options to the consumers with 100% PCI DSS compliance and added security features.


Our Solution helped in

  • Providing customers the convenience of making payments anytime/anywhere
  • Making billing and collections more efficient for Insurance companies

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