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Partner : Huge Financial institution

Technologies Used : Scala, Akka

Domain : Finance


We worked with one of the huge financial institution who provides leading liquidity, pricing and execution to more than 3,000 institutional investors and 10,000 issuer clients across the equity, fixed income, derivatives, interest rate, foreign exchange and commodities markets.

The Global Markets group originates, sells and trades financial assets through established trading hubs, exchange memberships and primary dealerships in all the major financial markets across the Asia Pacific region.

The Challenge

They were heading towards an ambitious goal of improving the performance and stability of their derivatives platform which involved huge amount of transactions to the booths and depots. With extreme growth on the horizon, they needed to re-train and motivate the existing developers to reconstruct major portions of the system on Scala. With their existing Scala development team a fraction of the size they needed a plan of attack.

Our Solution

The Architects and Engineers from Knoldus worked hand in hand with the development team of the financial institution to train the existing engineers on Scala and to get them started with development. The hand-holding and coaching included architecture planning and designing with the team to use best practices of Scala Ecosystem. Knoldus now audits the system every few sprints to make sure that the best practices are being adhered to.


With Knoldus engineers working side by side with the in house development team, Organization was able to realize benefits by getting started on a strong footing. The training and coaching enabled the team to become conversant with the best practices and they confidently built the system with knowledge about the Scala Ecosystem.

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