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Technologies Used : Scala, Akka, Spray, Pattern matching Algorithms, MailGrid

Domain : Shipping

About Voyager

Voyager is a product which cares about the way tanker movements are negotiated and processed. It includes services like vessel screening, chartering and demurrage analysis, which improve efficiencies throughout each marine transaction. Voyager provides Demurrage workflow, Claims sharing, BI & Data mining.

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The Challenge

For Demurrage analysis and claims settlement there are hundreds of mails that fly across. Given the vessel journey, timings and large number of companies involved, the claim settlement process needs extensive data crunching and analysis of data. Voyager wanted to intelligently, automatically and quickly aggregate all data related to a claim so that processing could be finished easily.

Our Solution

Knoldus worked with Haugen to create a working prototype of the product which picked up mail from MailGun and MailGrid, did algorithmic matching of various incoming mails with open claims. The matching included filtering, cleaning and massaging of information to suggest a perfect hit with a claim. Non blocking, asynchronous actor based modeling was done to introduce resilience and quick matching harnessing the full power of the machine.

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Voyager was able to take the product to the market and attract beta users who were bowled over by the accuracy of the analysis. The analyst had the option to switch between various pattern matching algorithms to arrive at the best results.

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