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Knoldus Dun & Bradstreet

Partner : Dun and Bradstreet

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Technologies Used : Scala, Esper CEP, GridGain

Domain : Finance

About D&B

Dun and Bradstreet allow credit managers to leverage analytics and models to improve credit decisions, collections and do portfolio management. It allows organizations to decide on business partners and credit decisions. D&B transforms data into complete and actionable business information.

The Challenge

For D&B customers, timing is the most critical piece of information. If there is a bankruptcy report or a default payment on one of the companies that you are doing business with then you would need to get alerted on that immediately. Given that there are millions of customers, there are a huge amount of alerts that are generated on an hourly basis. D&B wanted these alerts to be very timely and accurate.

Our Solution

Knoldus worked with the D&B engineering team in San Mateo to understand the business need. Once the business need was identified and critical non-functional requirements documented, Knoldus delivered a working solution at the end of every sprint. Esper was used for complex event processing along with GridGain on which all the data crunching was done for alerts. If the same alert was applicable for multiple clients then it was not regenerated but recirculated thus saving on the performance. Scala was used to writing concise and maintainable code with the view of further extending it with Akka.

In the current day, the system handles almost 8x times the volume of alerts that it was imagined to handle when built. The system is scaling on GridGain horizontally.

Knoldus Dashboard


With the rapid development and concise code offered with Scala, Knoldus was able to get the system into production in 4 months. The alerts are routed to different buckets on the basis of rules defined and reach the consumers' mailbox in a matter of seconds as soon as the news is broken. The product is being heavily used as a part of the infrastructure.

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Knoldus helped us implement a complex, high scalability alerting system at DNB. The skill level of the organization is amazing.

Knoldus Alan Cima

Alan Cima 

Principal Architect : DNB

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