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Technologies Used : Scala, Akka, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Kafka, Spray, Play framework

Domain : Analytics

About Decooda

Decooda provides industry leading solutions which supports analysis of all types and volumes of social media, research and enterprise data to uncover the whole story behind the big data in real-time. The integrated big data convergence platform, cognitive-linguistic text analytics engine and community analytics model shop streamlines the convergence and analysis of all social, enterprise and third-party data. Everyone in the organization who has a shared interest in the voice of the customer has access to one flexible, easy to use platform that improves all aspects of market research, marketing and 1:1 consumer engagement.

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The Challenge

Decooda started with an idea on how it would like to mine all the social data in the world which includes regular streams like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc but also other data sources like blog feeds, articles, board messages, custom flat files etc and provide cognitive analytics to the market research groups. These could be independent groups or research analysts within an organization. The challenge was to build this story with a home grown data pipeline and workflow on a home designed big data platform.

Our Solution

Knoldus started as and continues to be the sole engineering team of Decooda who took the product from an idea to fruition. We built a home grown big data platform which is plugin based to allow various jobs to be executed in parallel. We worked closely with the cognitive analysts and other Ph.Ds at Decooda to create a tangible semantic analysis plugin. While there could be semantic analysis happening on one portion of the product, there could be DNA folding on the other. The product was built entirely on the Scala Ecosystem.

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Currently there are organizations in the media, consumer durables, retailers, soft drink companies and well known marketing companies which use the product to strategize and build on the insights generated by the product. Decooda has grown from an idea to a multi million dollar organization. The product has won several awards including the Insight innovation award, KM award 2013 and has been covered on the national media.

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If you are looking to build a Reactive Product with Scala, Akka, Play Framework or a Big Data Solution leveraging Spark, Knoldus is here to help. We are proven, experienced Certified Lightbend Partner, available for partnering to make your product a reality. Get in touch with us here, Follow us @Knolspeak or just send us an email on

I have worked with teams in Russia, India, Sri Lanka and China. Knoldus by far is the most professional I have worked with. You should be proud of it. They are and will be our technology arm for Scala, Akka and Big Data development.

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