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Partner : ClassWall

Technologies Used : BackBone.js, Scala, Akka, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Play framework

Domain : Education

About ClassWall

ClassWall is a free social network primarily built for higher education. It allows university students, professors and organizations to collaborate on various points. Students get to showcase their work, compare and enhance their skills. Professors can engage their students with real time questions, quizzes and curate media across the net for the knowledge gain of students.

It provides a holistic social network to learn and collaborate using responsive features

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The Challenge

ClassWall started with a dream to create a product which would change the way knowledge is disseminated and consumed in the higher education space. ClassWall required a team which could not only implement the idea but also help refine it and suggest features as the product was developed.

Our Solution

Knoldus worked with the team at ClassWall to build a roadmap to create a MVP which could be taken to the educational institutes and investors. Mostly all features were built for responsiveness and availability. Clustering and load balancing was incorporated to take care of exam time traffic. The features were released on a sprint to sprint basis and tested on the battleground with two pilot universities in California.

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Currently the product is being heavily used in the beta sites and is under private beta. ClassWall was able to garner investor interest and successfully validate the idea in production. Knoldus continues to be their engineering arm for the product as we get to the bigger league which would have larger scalability and concurrency concerns.

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If you are looking to build a Reactive Product with Scala, Akka, Play Framework or a Big Data Solution leveraging Spark, Knoldus is here to help. We are proven, experienced Certified Lightbend Partner, available for partnering to make your product a reality. Get in touch with us here, Follow us @Knolspeak or just send us an email on

ClassWall was a mere series of design mock-ups and a combination of complex ideas/features, before I was lucky enough to startworking with Knoldus. Now, I can say we have a strong, and almost ready forprime-time prototype, that seamlessly works even at this early stage. Working with people I didn't know, offshoring, and bootstrapping had me very uneasy at the thought of working with any contracting resource, much less offshore teams. From the very beginning, Vikas led his team of excellent engineers to a sound architecture that was thoughtfully laid out, taking into consideration how the product was intended to work, and how we had hoped it could mature. I consider them as part of my team and would recommend them to anyone, I mean anyone, looking to work with a team of the best outside engineering resources. One of the major mistakes I've made so far, was waiting 6 months to get started working with them.

Knoldus Chris Cox

Chris Cox 

Co-Founder : ClassWall

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