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    Partner: Zillion Health

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    Technologies Used: Scala, Apache Spark, Apache Hive, Amazon Redshift, Amazon EMR

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    Domain: Health Care


Zillion is a healthcare company having the goal of improving virtual healthcare. It provides an online interaction management platform that streamlines the entire communication process to create a better participant experience with every interaction.

The Challenge

The main challenge for Zillion was to deal with the huge datasets including the consolidated medical records and participant data from the devices they already use, from smartphones to Fitbits and more. The existing pipelines were processing and loading the whole datasets (in terabytes) each time when the pipeline runs which was taking quite a long time. The challenge was to build the pipeline to implement the deltas, so that the data processing and loading occurs only on the changed data (inserted/updated) instead of the whole dataset. Another challenge was to reshape the existing unstructured code base using scala best practices and converting the application to microservices based architecture.

Our Solution

Knoldus quickly converted the whole monolithic architecture to microservices structure, refactored the code base to make it testable without hindering its actual logic, introduced the test cases and cleaned the code by using the scala best practices following the Knolway (Knoldus software development methodology). Further, Knoldus implemented the deltas to process the changed data instead of playing with the large datasets each time, which drastically reduced the processing time from hours to seconds. The end result was a pipeline which can handle 5 times the load at 1/200th of the original time.

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