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Automate the testing of the Migrated system from legacy to microservices platform.

The Company

The company has a utility holding with its headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It provides energy-related products and services to millions of electricity and natural gas customers across our eight states: Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas, and Wisconsin.

The company was established in 1909 and is responsible for providing power and other services to many states in the US. It has energy sources that include nuclear, natural gas, and renewable energy as well. One of its programs serves 75000 customers and is a customizable service for maintaining home appliances.

The Challenge

The main aim of the project is to make a smooth transition from the legacy systems, which are old and slow, to the new microservice-based system which is fast and more efficient. The main challenge was to fetch or write the data to and from the legacy system, for which we needed some endpoints to interact with the system.

The Solution

Our main focus was to create automation test scripts for all the services which can help us in functional, regression, and integration testing of the services.

Xcel Energy
Xcel Energy

Technologies used

The Results

Xcel Energy
Xcel Energy

Implement a practical Test Automation Pyramid with Knoldus

Knoldus has an impressive track record providing excellent Quality Assurance services to clients worldwide. We cover the full test automation pyramid by introducing test suites at different levels such as

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