Intelligent Hiring AI Product, Ground Up

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    Partner: SmarterHires

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    Technologies Used: Scala, Akka, Spark, Angularjs, Play Framework, MLib

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    Domain: Human Recources

About SmarterHires

Smarter Hires - the place to come to quickly identify and connect with the best candidates for your business, small or large. For Recruiters, Smarter Hires uses advanced, multi-sourced prospect searching coupled with advanced profiling models to find prospective employees that are most likely to have the skills, background, experience and personality to excel to your client's or company's needs. For small, medium and large businesses, successful employee profiling coupled with advanced scoring and ranking of prospects provides a pool prioritized list of highly matched prospects to fill any job opening.

The Challenge

Smarter Hires met Knoldus to develop the intelligent hiring product as a green field development effort. this included, building the MVP, taking it to the market and investors and preparing the launch pad for the product.

Our Solution

Knoldus worked with the Smarter Hires team in San Francisco to understand the requirements and the strategy. A strategy workshop was held in the New Delhi office for 2 weeks to conceptualize the idea and divide it into sprints leading to the MVP release. The product has a unique feature of building personas for the individual who is looking for an opportunity and .the organizations who are seeking talent. The product intelligently builds the persona of the individual based on his social interactions, his prior assignments, his syndicated and crawled data. The same happens for the companies as well on the basis of their employees and other public data available. The persona's are then matched for best fits.

Business Benefits

Currently the product is in private beta and is being used by the two larges recruitment companies in the silicon valley. The product was built using the KnolWay strategy which is a potent mix of Scrum, XP and Continuous Deployment. The MVP was done in 6 sprints and the first round of funding secured within a week of MVP release. The product is being expanded further beyond the MVP now and the Series B is just round the corner.

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