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Tide launches a feature which facilitates the login of Old users using the new service with leverage the high security provided by the Gravitee.


About Tide

Tide (Tide Platform Limited) is a UK financial technology company providing mobile-first banking services for small and medium-sized enterprises. It enables businesses to set up a current account and get instant access to various financial services (including automated bookkeeping and integrated invoicing).


In Tide legacy users (i.e. users created without the Gravitee AM) have no access to the new system as they do not do the Oauth journey which was implemented to the new users. So to make this possible, legacy users need to be ported to the new system (Gravitee).

Technical Solution:

Tide has two types of users: “Team member users' ' and “Legacy users.” Team member users are those users who exist in gravitee. Legacy users are those users who don't exist in gravitee. The users only exist in the old system; for that, we have created a new endpoint that checks whether the user exists in gravitee or not. This endpoint is hit before login in the Legacy users; if that user does not exist in the gravitee then that endpoint port that user into the gravitee and maintains a mapping for those users into the table If the system needs LegacyId so we can easily find out that Id using the id created by the gravitee.



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