Scaling the Game to a Game Grid

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    Partner: Innovation Games

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    Technologies Used: Scala, Lift Framework, Akka, PostgreSQL

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    Domain: Strategy Gaming

About Innovation Games

Mission of Innovation Games is to help organizations understand their customers and market conditions on the basis of game play. Research shows that human beings have been hard-wired to express themselves and interact with each other through play. Engaging your customers, employees and stakeholders through Innovation Games delivers deeper, more actionable insight than is available through those stodgy brainstorming sessions, online surveys, focus groups or other tools.

Knoldus inovation game work

The Challenge

Innovation Games was already very successful in their market when they came to Knoldus. The challenge was that the platform was working on a single node and was not distributable. Different games were being run on different nodes and sometimes due to high load of tenants on the system, there were delays and lost moves which could put the game in a bad light. Moreover, to add more tenants to the system, it was evident that vertical scaling would not work.

Our Solution

Knoldus understood the gaming platform, identified the extension points and recommended the use of Akka to distribute the games. Once the architecture and design were accepted as a viable approach, Knoldus built the distribution strategy ground up for converting Lift Actors to Akka actors where necessary and building a Lift-to-Akka bridge in other case allowing all the strategy games to be distributed and ready to scale horizontally.

Knoldus innovation soltion

Business Benefits

Innovation games was able to get the distributed game grid out to the market for its customers who loved the speed and efficiency of the game. The enrollment to the games increased and the tenant onboarding went in an overdrive. Technically now the grid can scale to any number of nodes for each game depending on the need.

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