Automating DAML Applications with Python-based DAZL Bots

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    Technologies Used: DAML, python bots, DAZL, DABL, bots

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About DAML

DAML (Digital Asset Modeling Language) has emerged as a promising technology to achieve excellence in Blockchain. It’s an open-source programming language used to write full-stack, smart contract-based distributed applications quickly, concisely, and correctly. Notably, the design of the system is in a way that machines and humans can understand the information included in the contract. It is functional as it derives experience from Haskell and was designed for distributed business workflows. It helps a developer to focus more on programming the business processes by cutting down the amount of time the developer would spend on dealing with encryption and blockchain.

The Challenge: Why do we need bots?

DAML is a great programming language but is still new and under development. Sometimes, developers need to automate processes like the generation of action in response to a certain event (an incoming transaction, for instance). Let suppose, we want to automatically create a new contract in DAML after another contract is created. Right now, this is not possible to accomplish with just DAML itself as DAML Trigger is still under development. We need bots for this purpose which is basically an abstraction to create an automation for a DAML Ledger.

Solution: How does DAZL solve the problem?

DAZL is an amazing Python library provided by Digital Asset. It provides a number of functions that enable the automation on the Ledger as it provides event listeners for the same. Suppose you want to run a certain piece of code after the execution of events related to contracts, like creation, archival, or exercise of choice, then it can easily be done using the DAZL Library.

technical architecture


  1. Add support for third-party APIs simply by creating bots that listen to external activity.

  2. Works great with DABL Cloud Service.

  3. Portable and adjustable as per requirements.

  4. Quick response time.

DAZL is an open-source project. You can find source code here:

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