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Knoldus implemented a Shift Left Test automation pipeline to ensure the quality of an IoV (Internet of Vehicles) based platform.

About Company

An Internet of Vehicles (IoV) company is a platform that delivers your connected vehicle data. It’s a platform that allows companies to create safer and better driving experiences by ingesting, hosting, and transforming raw data from vehicles into usable information for consumer apps and business applications.

With a small team of experienced professional engineers and efficient managers ,this company has become proof of the transformation of Michigan’s economy. We transmit structured data in low latency, enabling developers to create mobility apps of the future. Our platform includes intuitive device management, over-the-air device updates, and clustered services to allow for high data integrity and availability.

Challenge Faced By The BitBrew's QA Team

The mission of company is to provide a barrier-free entry to the connected vehicle industry with a platform that can handle any connectivity mechanism, any number of devices, any amount of data, and any app so that companies can focus on achieving the benefits of connected vehicles: safer roads, smarter businesses, and better driving experiences

Now the main challenges faced during testing this platform to provide the quality services to match with the customers expectations.

Since applications look and feel changing constantly with the rising customers, it was a challenging task to adopt automation testing. In order to deliver services that meet expectations, we had to find a way to provide a better quality of product. So that every customer gets the right information about the vehicle.

The Solution

Knoldus case study globalcruise company

Complete flow of API Automation with CI/CD Pipeline

Knoldus Case Study Global Cruise Company
Knoldus Case Study Global Cruise Company


Implement a Practical Test Automation Pyramid with Knoldus

Knoldus has an impressive track record providing excellent Quality Assurance services to clients worldwide. We cover the full test automation pyramid by introducing test suites at different levels such as

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