Knoldus Inc

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We would be happy to connect you to our clients to get a first hand reference on us

Together with Knoldus, we have made tremendous strides on the technology stack and delivered high-impact projects that will continue supporting SWDS' ambitions. Knoldus has done a tremendous job for us, and we appreciate the hard work, dedication, and expertise you and the team have contributed”

Peter Schaefer


I sincerely appreciate all the help Knoldus gave us in assisting Danlaw when we needed the most. I very much understand the technical challenges we have encountered and appreciate all the Knoldus efforts that went in supporting requirements. We will continue our path towards improving our platform offerings and we'll stay in touch and find future opportunities to work together.

Sudhir Sagi

VP Technology at Danlaw Inc

I was new to RMS when we started working with Knoldus - A lot of my success in delivering on key challenges is because of the Knoldus team, you helped us built over time and each of your guys had a special talent. I would also like to thank Bhavya Aggarwal for all support during the engagement – I must say you are a very loved manager and always heard encouraging words from your team as well.

Rajat knoldus

Rajat Walia

Director & Head of Platform
Development at RMS

The developers at Knoldus Inc integrated seamlessly with the internal team. They’re easy to work with and deliver consistently. The team is cooperative, and their support has been integral to the success of this platform.

Damien knoldus

Damien Fauth

Technical Lead : Singapore
Exchange Ltd

Knoldus has an extensive skill set, making them an effective and reliable partner. They’re organized and learn quickly, allowing them to adapt to any project changes or requirements.They had minor communications issues, but those have been appropriately addressed, and the work has improved.

Rachit knoldus

Rachit Bhargava

Platform Architect & Tech-lead:
Philips Lifeline

Kerb is a small, technology-driven AI company. It has been clear to us that our main challenge was to forge a link between the Java/Scala/Spark Big Data world of horizontally extensible databases and analytics, with the C++ world of AI and the mixed technologies of IoT. Finding a partner for this formidable challenge was not easy for a small startup. Knoldus, particularly the Architectural talents of Mr. Bhavya Aggarwal as well as the programming and DevOps expertise of the team he put together, gave us a platform at the cutting edge for us to layer in our technology and produce both a cost-competitive and responsive product for our customers.

Richard knoldus

Richard Burg

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Kerb Technologies

It feels like they are part of our team. While the project is ongoing, the results thus far have met the expectations of the internal team. Knoldus Inc. utilizes best practices to achieve results and successfully integrates with the internal team. The team is dedicated, hard-working, and knowledgeable.

alex knoldus

Alex Dizengof

Co-Founder & CTO : Carbyne

Knoldus team worked with our Big Data team in Bangalore to design and develop advanced analytics capabilities and performance optimization of the big data kernel. Knoldus team took delivery ownership for some of the key features for our analytics solutions based on Apache Spark and Apache Carbondata. Knoldus has an in-depth understanding of big data ecosystem and possesses deep experience working with Spark and Scala, based products and solutions. Knoldus helped us to enhance offerings of our big data kernel platform, improve analytics query performance involving complex kernel level optimizations and solve issues from commercial sites. Architects from knoldus worked closely with Architects and Engineers from Huawei and solved many complex product issues. Mr. Vikas and Mr. Bhavya Aggarwal with their team have provided excellent support to us over the past 3 years.

vadiraj knoldus

Vadiraj Muradi

Associate VP, Big Data platform
IT & Cloud Business Line :
Huawei Technologies

Knoldus is the type of partner you want in the trenches with you. They are eager to solve problems in the right way, take feedback, take on challenges and deliver ultimate satisfaction. Knoldus partnered with EY on a mutual client of ours for 2.5+ Years and their ability to quickly deliver results was immense. In a complex technology space where Reactive skills are scarce, I was always confident that I could ramp up a team and deliver, and that confidence was empowered by the Knoldus team. We were able to deliver some 100+ microservices and counting operating on complex hybrid cloud and containerized environments, built using the latest reactive stacks and performing in ways that would make Martin Fowler salivate. This team delivers, plain and simple.

eli knoldus

Eli Tsinovoi

Manager - Digital and Emerging
Technologies : EY

Knoldus has helped Hewlett Packard Enterprise migrate InfoSight IoT analytics to a streaming architecture based on Scala and the SMACK stack", shares Dutton. "Very few companies have trained teams focused on these cutting-edge technologies like Knoldus, and none can match the value that Knoldus provides. I have tremendous trust and respect for Vikas (CEO and Co-founder of knoldus) and my team is excited to continue developing our partnership with the Knoldus team.

jeff knoldus

Jeff Dutton

InfoSight Data Platform Architect :
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Working with Knoldus on two separate occasions have both been the best offshore experience I have had in my career. Both teams have been exceptionally knowledgeable and professional in everything they have done. Vikas and his team has really taught us how to develop more effective Spark code and has been a pleasure to work with. I would not hesitate to work with Knoldus anytime.

larry presswood knoldus

Larry Presswood

Lead Architect : Zillion Inc

Working with Knoldus has been one of our best offshore experience ever. They quickly understand our project and its technical challenges. By regularly discussing and exchanging with a clever team, the project have been brilliantly and efficiently built step-by-step from its very basements. On top of all their technical skills the Knoldus team has excellent listening and problem-solving skills, leading to build together hand-in-hand the best project possible. It has been a real pleasure working with them will do it again as soon as possible on next projects.

cyril knoldus

Cyril Hamidechi

Deputy CTO : Koala Interactive

We initially engaged Vikas and his team to initially do an audit on our platform and right after that, we quickly realized that we needed to transition over the entire development to Knoldus because of their expert knowledge of Scala and the professionalism of their entire team. Their engineering team has been able to transform our system into a world class system in a very short period of time and they continue to make it better as we continue working with them. We are always impressed and grateful with their constant support and dedication to the success of the system and the business overall.

Carlos knoldus

Carlos Yong

CTO : 3TierLogic Inc

I have worked with or managed development teams across the US, India, and Europe for the past 15 years. When I needed a firm to help build out my own project, I turned to Knoldus. I was expecting an understanding of bleeding-edge technology and advanced analytics, which they delivered. I wasn't expecting the kind of transparency, discipline, and deep sense of ownership that made the relationship much more of a partnership. In the end this is what makes Knoldus so unique, and also so valuable for us.

jason knoldus

Jason Boorn

CEO : Roobricks

Working with Knoldus was our first experience offshoring. Our initial concerns, especially in relation to time zone differences and language barriers, were resolved during the planning phase, ensuring a smooth start to proceedings. Once we handed the project over to the offshore team, they quickly picked up the pace and the agenda from a tricky starting point, and were soon delivering value. We were genuinely impressed by Knoldus. They have a smart approach to working with clients and seem to consider every aspect of a project, from the architecture to the integration process, demonstrating an impressive attitude towards problem solving.

philip knoldus

Philip Malamatinas

Founder : TutorMe

As we were searching for a professional, experienced partner capable of managing a complex and continuously evolving development process, Knoldus convinced us from the beginning with a comprehensive concept exactly hitting our requirements in architecture and design. The highly motivated team assigned to us shows not only the level of commitment we expected, they also anticipate development steps and come up with own ideas regarding product improvement and the integration of new technologies. As recommendations are our business, we definitely say: Yes, we recommend Knoldus!

matthis knoldus

Matthias Fenz

CEO & Co-Founder : Recommendo

We engaged with Knoldus for complete re-write of our existing system using Scala and Akka. The Knoldus team demonstrated professionalism and great work ethic delivering on commitments, sometimes working long hours and weekends to meet production deadlines. The team was capable, very flexible and responsive to our needs and always available to help address any issues. I highly recommend the Knoldus team and hope to use their services in the future projects.

devshi knoldus

Devshi Pindoria

Sr. Director : Service Source

We engaged Knoldus to help us build out our serious game grid since they had experience with the Akka framework which we had not used before. Their test-first approach combined with their desire to always get it right put us at ease since it was clear the code base would move forward only once the tests passed and the deployed code performed as expected. Knoldus is an excellent partner for any startup company needing help climbing out of their backlog.

dan knoldus

Dan O'Leary

CTO : The Innovation Games

Knoldus is a very competent and energetic outfit with impressive backend firepower. A pleasure to work with.

david knoldus

Davide Berretta

Co-Founder : Fleisure

At n=you we are developing a complex platform for the Healthcare and Medical Research markets. A close friend and previous colleague recommended I talk with Vikas and his team at Knoldus. During the initial discussions, it became very clear that Knoldus was the right choice for our project. From the beginning Vikas and his team helped to guide the development of our platform. They provided insights on different technical solutions and developed a sound, scalable architecture as the foundation for our platform. I appreciate the professionalism of everyone that I worked with at Knoldus. I am glad that I made the decision to have Knoldus as our offshore development team. I would highly recommend Knoldus to anyone that is looking for a professional development team to augment or become their development arm of their projects.

ben knoldus

Ben Childers

Co-Founder : n=you, LLC

19 Pages of Scala Jobz! The Knoldus Software team has created the Scala Jobz app (built with Scala and Play) to provide a central listing of Scala jobs. There are already 19 pages of jobs! There is no doubt that the job market for Scala developers is huge and growing quickly!

lightbend knoldus

Lightbend Inc.

On Scala Jobs

Knoldus were brought in to take over a failing project from another provider. The Knoldus team got up to speed with the existing code base and domain knowledge. Through their capability, professionalism and dedicated adherence to agile practices, they brought the project under control and delivered on time and on budget.

rahim knoldus

Rahim Hirani

CTO : Damson Cloud

Knoldus helped us implement a complex, high scalability alerting system at Dun & Bradstreet. The skill level of the organization is amazing.

alancima knoldus

Alan Cima

Principal Architect : Dun & Bradstreet

Knoldus Software is a highly-skilled group which is committed to providing the best to the end-users. I have worked closely with Knoldus and they have always exceeded our expectations in the projects assigned to them. The team comprises of highly skilled individuals who understand Google cloud offerings extensively and can leverage those skills to bring to the best to the consumers.

shashank knoldus

Shashank Kumars

Enterprise Sales Manager : Google

BeamStream was a mere series of design mock-ups and a combination of complex ideas/features, before I was lucky enough to startworking with Knoldus. Now, I can say we have a strong, and almost ready forprime-time prototype, that seamlessly works--even at this early stage. Working with people I didn't know, offshoring, and bootstrapping had me very uneasy at the thought of working with any contracting resource, much less offshore teams. From the very beginning, Vikas led his team of excellent engineers to a sound architecture that was thoughtfully laid out, taking into consideration how the product was intended to work, and how we had hoped it could mature. I consider them as part of my team and would recommend them to anyone, I mean anyone, looking to work with a team of the best outside engineering resources. One of the major mistakes I've made so far, was waiting 6 months to get started working with them.

chris knoldus

Chris Cox

Co-Founder : Beamstream Inc

I have worked with teams in Russia, India, Sri Lanka and China. Knoldus by far is the most professional I have worked with. You should be proud of it. They are and will be our technology arm for Scala, Akka and Big Data development.

charies knoldus

Charles Wardell

CTO : Decooda Inc

Earlier I was very skeptical about how offshoring would work. Had heard a lot of horror stories. You have to talk to this team. They turned the development process into a glass house. Highly recommended.

gary knoldus

Gary Stoneberg

CTO : BillFloat Inc