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Data science

With Knoldus Data Science expertise, we would make sure that you make the most efficient use of data.


We will identify data sources, both internal and external, likely to provide valuable information for specific analytical use cases, or for general enterprise applicability. We can show how unstructured data can be transformed into a valuable input into decision making.

describe Validate

We validate the solution of business problems with insights available from your data. For instance, we might evaluate enterprise work order data for its ability to help understand equipment failure, generating hypotheses around the relationship between training, equipment condition, and maintenance outcomes.

describe Build

We will build both custom and tool-based data visualizations that enable exploration and communication of data and insights. At early stages we provide rich mockups that help build understanding with the parts of the business the work is designed to support.

describe Describe

Descriptive profiling and generation of summary statistics for data sources enables us to understand variance, sparseness, and other critical characteristics. We will evaluate data for hygiene and its utility in helping diagnose problems or predict outcomes.


We design, build and evaluate mathematical models to enable scoring, prediction, categorization and other workloads. We also implement model management strategies, encompassing storage, version control, and deployment services. As part of a mature solution, we design and implement model audit trail and compliance strategies.


From mockups through pilots and production, we build application interfaces such as dashboards or embedded capabilities in other applications (e.g. dispatch apps for fleet management), using advanced visualization capabilities. We emphasize providing key functionality at an early stage, ensuring early validation of the core application value.

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