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Data Engineering

Knoldus has an extensive Data Engineering strategy to help your business in the following ways :

Roadmaps and strategies

We build roadmaps and strategies that deliver value early with Spark and the Scala Ecosystem. The Silicon Valley approach of "fail fast" ensures you won't spend time and money on unproductive paths. We deliver an architecture that will be the foundation for successful implementation, and which can evolve and scale for the future. Detailed design includes functional architecture diagrams, integration specifications, data management approaches and analytical capabilities. Additionally, we can help educate your team and ready them for new techniques and technologies.


Through benchmarking existing systems, we can give you valuable insight into how their scale and performance profiles relate to others: to help you understand your platform, and prioritize investments around both capabilities and performance. We ensure that proposed new technology choices are fit-for-purpose by delivering light weight proofs of concept that give the confidence to move forward.

Evaluation of designs & plans

We provide detailed evaluation of proposed designs, project plans, staffing models and execution roadmaps. By providing the benefit of our experience, and deep knowledge of the big data industry, we'll help you avoid pitfalls and wasted resources.

Design schemas and models

We design data schemas and models, embracing the full array of modern storage approaches: including relational, non-relational and file-based storage strategies. When it comes to data processing, we have deep experience in scalable, distributed architectures, from real-time streams to massively parallel batch processing.

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