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Architecture Advisory

The famous "three Vs" of big data-volume, velocity and variety-indicate the new complexities of architecting for data. To fully leverage data, you can expect to handle transactional, analytical and real-time workloads, as well as the full spectrum of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data.

We work closely with your stakeholders to plan a platform for your data, interfaces and applications, while expanding your capabilities to support new big data workloads and key business objectives. We're vendor-agnostic, meaning we always make the right choices for your needs.

  • Identifies required and future technical capabilities.
  • Delivers a plan for a technical architecture.
  • Makes appropriate technology selections.
  • Identifies fit with current architecture.

Getting data to the right place at the right time is crucial. You also need to get it there at the right cost, on a platform that's reliable and adapts to future requirements. Today's data technology offers unprecedented possibilities, but requires considered application: the purpose of Architecture Advisory is to create a plan that ensures technology is deployed in an optimal way for your business needs, present and future.

We find that clients of Architecture Advisory projects often have one or more of these needs:


You want to implement well-defined new capabilities, such as recommendation or real-time analytics


You're looking for the bridge from your legacy systems to new big data capabilities.


You're finding that your current data systems are preventing future growth.


You need experienced guidance on the newest breed of databases and analytics.

Knoldus approach to Architecture Advisory

Our experts work in collaboration with your technical team to discover and understand your current infrastructure, and to identify the data and tooling requirements of your new technical capabilities. We also work with your leadership team to understand the future directions that your data platform must support, and to ensure that the final architectural plan delivers quickly on your business goals. The result of the Architecture Advisory project is a technical plan, which makes technology and implementation recommendations across the spectrum of our data platform reference architecture.

We will take into account requirements including:

  • Acquisition and ingest of multiple types of data.
  • A reliable and scalable storage and management platform .
  • Support for analytical tools used by business professionals.
  • Interfaces to current applications and data
  • Conformance with IT governance policies and practices

Architecture Advisory investments pay for themselves by providing reliability, scalability and agility. As well as being experts in data technology, we are focused on your business goals and plan so that you can quickly realize value from your investment.

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