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Expert Services

At Knoldus we truly believe that the success of our clients should be focused on outcomes and not outputs. Software delivery performance can be measured with four key metrics:
1. Deployment frequency - Releasing to production very frequently
2. Lead time for changes - Low cycle time in ideas becoming production release code
3. Mean time to recovery - Being able to recover in production quickly
4. Change failure rate - Minimizing the failures that are incurred from changes.

To incorporate success on the metrics we provide expert services in the areas of DevOps, Security and Test automation.

Audit on DevOps, Security and Test Automation

Knoldus expert engineers will perform a thorough analysis of the existing infrastructure, development processes, and state of automation for bottlenecks and stability/scalability/security risks.

You will get an audit report and a plan on how to apply cutting-edge DevOps, Security and Test Automation techniques and achieve the organization’s business goals.

Are you running in circular and trying to make the transition to DevOps?

Hardening Kubernetes Cluster

Distribution the SMACK stack-Kubernetes VS DCOS

Deliver faster and have greater business agility by implementing Reactive DevOps.

Containerization & Orchestration

As most products start experiencing the advantages of microservices, DevOps needs to keep pace with the modern architectures. Microservice DevOps is about Dockerization and Orchestration(via Kubernetes or Docker Swarm). Knoldus has taken 20+ Products through this journey and delivered in production with optimal speed, minimum disruption, maximum reliability, and dependability.

Knoldus engagements start with strategic planning around container adoption followed by a pilot project demonstration consisting of a microservice-based application deployed via a CI/CD toolchain. In either case, Knoldus works with the client to develop solutions that extend the customer’s legacy data centers into the new container ecosystem while aligning them with their organization's strategies and key goals. With our comprehensive understanding of Docker, Kubernetes, and Apache Mesos, we have been successfully helping organizations to develop solutions in and around these technologies.

Securing your Containers with Encryption of Containerized Data

Convenient Containerzation with MLFLow Project

KnolX: Container Networking

Run Jenkins on Docker Container

Cloud Operations and migration

Management of CloudOps with the right Cloud Strategy for Scalability, Security, and ROI sensitivity. Expertise in Cloud Migrations and Hybrid Cloud Operations.Cross-region migration for compliance or higher throughput, Bare metal to Cloud or Cloud to Bare Meta.

Migrating across cloud infrastructures. We can help devise the best migration strategy and implement it with zero downtime and minimum effort.

Migration to Cloud : Inhouse Hadoop to Databricks

Migrating to the Cloud goes beyond just Cost Optimization

Introduction to Cloud Migration

Migration Assessment

SRE and 24x7 support

Ensuring the Reliability, Availability, and Security of Systems via PremonR which is a monitoring setup for proactive alerting and self-healing. Overlapping with the automation, your infrastructure is manned by a highly capable team of SREs.

PremonR has delivered zero noise issue-based monitoring and alerting, leading to proactive remediation and self Healing via AIOps and Machine Learning for multiple customers leading to an overall increase in uptime and stability.

The battle of DevOps and SRE

Site Reliability Engineering 101

PreMonR – A Reactive Platform to monitor Reactive Application

SRE: Service Reliability