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The cloud is not just infrastructure. 

A lot of organizations begin with their cloud journey assuming it to be a replacement for in-house hardware and the responsibility of the infrastructure team. The reality is that moving to the cloud is an ongoing process that touches on almost every aspect of the organization. Systems, networks, software and practices all need to be optimized for the cloud environment. Without these cloud migration is unlikely to free the enterprise from its old constraints. Knoldus cloud engineering helps businesses harness the power of the cloud in a strategic, systemic and future-ready way.

 Knoldus has 100+ certified Google Cloud specialists who will collaborate with you to construct, move, protect, run, and optimize your GCP data environment, giving you the knowledge you need to make data-driven business choices.

Knoldus forms a strategic partnership with Google to enable digital transformation through unique cloud services.

We unlock and reinvest in innovation by combining the appropriate culture, talent, and technology. The combination of Google Cloud’s deep data heritage and our expertise in data, AI, and modernization services enables the co-creation of industry-specific strategies. It derives business outcomes and innovation for long-term success. Additionally, we protect what matters and work for a carbon-free future.

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Proudly partnering with all major cloud providers to suit your needs

Cloud Strategy & Architecture Consulting

Moving to the cloud is not just a lift and shift. In today’s world where you have many choices of cloud platforms, you need to devise an end-to-end strategy for individual, hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Knoldus architects and engineers would work with you to define a Cloud-first strategy that aligns with the budget and timelines. We would work with your existing products and business to offer a tailor-made, low-friction solution to accelerate modernization.

We conduct a strategic analysis of enterprise systems based on cost, performance SLAs, security and ease of migration. We would evaluate managed instances versus serverless to make a recommendation that allows your business to be elastic and scalable to meet the demands. 

We would conduct cloud maturity assessments for operations, cost, security, performance, and reliability to present recommendations to build high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructures. Our prescriptive blueprint of the architecture would have pragmatic solutions that would accommodate hybrid and multi-cloud needs with governance built into it, without vendor lock-in.

Introduction to Cloud Migration

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Application Modernization

Migrate efficiently and effectively to support your strategic cloud transformation goals. This includes cloud-based approaches for accomplishing digital maturity brought about by cloud-native and cloud agnostic rapid microservices development. This would allow for reduced complexity and increased resiliency with efficient cloud-based architecture choices.

Knoldus architects and engineers would work along with your business teams to do rapid business applications conversion and containerization using cloud-native services. These would include container-based CI/CD frameworks utilizing the power of Kubernetes.

Knoldus owns a set of proprietary cloud migration tools under the Knoldus Digital Platform along with accelerators to speed up the process. The re-architected applications would offer cost savings, multi-load environments, and efficient governance

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Cost Engineering and Security

Your data is important and it needs to be secure. Knoldus offers quick-to-implement and scalable security, compliance and governance solutions for the cloud. These include Unified interfaces for data access control and policy management, Vulnerability management for diverse applications and DevSecOps implementation

We would also optimize and evaluate cloud options to offer holistic cost engineering for current, interim and future architectures. This includes systems and infrastructures for prod and non-prod environments. Elastic and ephemeral infrastructure is set up for adjusting storage, scale, containers, and more based on use patterns and cost.

Migrating to the Cloud goes beyond just Cost Optimization

Migration Assessment

Understanding DevSecOps for Kubernetes

Securing Your Containers with Encryption of Containerized Data


Moving to the cloud is not a one-time activity. It is a process. We offer Consistent, repeatable, and automated provisioning via infrastructure as code, Container orchestration and management, Terraform cloud automation library, Self-serve automated help desk and AI-powered APM to make the cloud journey easy and repeatable. 

Knoldus offers Efficient operationalization with continuous integration and deployment. Expert incident and SLA management with automated diagnostics and remediation. Along with Cloud cost management to make your cloud operations seamless.

We enable the building of fully functional infrastructures with intelligent management. These include proactive anomaly detection at scale, intelligent performance analysis, automatic remediations and self service capabilities. 

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Container Networking

Convenient Containerization with MLFLow Project

Securing Your Containers with Encryption of Containerized Data

Migration Plan with Google Cloud

Accelerate your business transformation with our frictionless Google Cloud migration services and take better advantage of your data, whether you’re migrating one application or thousands.

Migrating to Google Cloud with Knoldus gives you the flexibility and resilience to help your business stay competitive in the modern business environment. Google Cloud’s open platform and multi-cloud offerings also enable businesses to seamlessly integrate into their current strategies and evolve their digital transformation as business demands change.

Google Cloud sets the foundation for modernizing your applications to unlock the full potential of data analytics and unleash innovation throughout your enterprise. With Knoldus’ proven data-driven implementation approach and deep industry and cloud expertise, you can be confident that you have the right partner to guide your cloud journey into the future.