DAML: An open-source ecosystem for building smart contract-based distributed applications

Digital Asset Modeling Language (DAML) is a purpose-built open source programming language and software framework for the rapid development (10x faster) of portable, future-proof, and easy to read and write applications using smart contracts. Runtime and DAML Ledger integrations allow you to write your app once and easily run it on any infrastructure that meets your needs, be it DLT/blockchain, cloud-native, or traditional tech.

DAML is a functional language and was designed for distributed business workflows. It helps a developer to focus more on programming business processes by cutting down the amount of time the developer would spend on dealing with encryption and blockchain.

Features of DAML

Storage Abstraction

The runtime abstracts away the persistence layer so DAML programs can be written in a storage-agnostic way.

Storage Abstraction

Authorization Checks

Ensures proper authorization for all actions given on a contract.

Authorization Checks

Accountability Tracking

Signatures from all designated signatories on a contract are required to create agreements.

Accountability Tracking

No Double Spends

A contract that has been archived by a previous transaction cannot be used again.

No Double Spends

Knoldus can help you in DAML with

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Distributed Smart Contracts

Knoldus helps you develop your full-stack, distributed contract-based application using DAML. With DAML’s capabilities, we can quickly build an end-to-end production application starting from scratch describing how your contracts are executed down to the smallest detail.

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Project: DABL

Our experts help you take your application to the next level with DABL. It’s a cloud platform that takes your application from humble beginnings to mass adoption. We leverage the power of DABL in various real-life scenarios like crypto exchanges, loan management platforms, medical claims management, digital rights management, and more.

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Sextant for DAML

Our experts help you get the most out of your smart contracts and accelerate your blockchain adoption with Sextant for DAML. We help you with one-click deployments of your DAML-powered enterprise-grade Sawtooth networks.

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Deploying on DLT

Our DAML consultants help you successfully deploy your applications on blockchain platforms like Hyperledger Sawtooth, Hyperledger Fabric, and project: DABL while also choosing the right DLT for you as per your requirements.

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We are proficient in designing and developing bots for your application that helps to automate certain processes in response to events, making the application easier to use and maintain.

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Performance Tuning & Re-Architecting

We help you re-architect your DAML application, upgrade it, and provide solutions to increase your application performance by suggesting the right tools and following best practices. We also help you maintain your DAML application as well as provide support for the deployment platform.

Business benefits of DAML:

DAML is simple to use and purpose-built for smart contracts. For anyone writing smart contract based applications, DAML should be the choice by default.

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Increased productivity

The focus of developers is more on automating the business process by writing for Distributed ledger rather than the infrastructure. Cryptography, hashing, and application distribution is overseen by DAML.

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Infrastructure independent

It is available on a number of databases and distributed ledgers which allows us to write the application first and then decide the infrastructure that best fits the application.

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