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For most firms today, Technology is essential to enabling excellence in strategy and execution. Knoldus’ Architecture Strategy advises CIOs and other CXOs on creating and implementing architecture strategies that produce outstanding business value.

In a world where technological innovation and change are fast, Knoldus’ architecture strategies assist its clients in identifying areas that will affect their organization so they may concentrate on workable solutions that support the core business plans. Leading practices, thought leadership, solutions, subject matter experts with international expertise, tools, and accelerators to rapidly deliver value are some ways we assist our clients.

Knoldus’ Architecture Strategy supports its clients through the entire solution lifecycle, from early technology-enabled innovation to strategy and architecture and working with our implementation practices to operationalize new solutions.

Our framework for success

Platform Strategy

Allows you to take a holistic view across the organization and allow the creation of core services.

Expert Services

Knoldus expert engineers will perform a thorough analysis of the existing infrastructure, development processes, and state of automation.

DevOps Audit

Calculate your DevOps score to find the state of DevOps Culture and Practice in a Software development environment.

Knoldus Academy

An immersive experience featuring in-depth instructor-led and free online courses with hands-on exercises and workshops.