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Digital transformation is now the new ingredient for success. Find out how microservices are removing the roadblocks in the digital journey?
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Organizations cannot afford system failures anymore. Microservices is a critical step to ensure robust applications.

Digital transformation is re-imagining how entire industries work. Consider how Amazon has transformed the way we shop and how hailing a cab for your daily commute is no longer the same with Uber. These industry disruptors have strategically leveraged digital technologies to actualize these profound changes.

But what are the forces that are driving this wave of digital disruption and transformation? One of the main factors is the major shift in the IT infrastructure in the last few decades due to emerging technologies like big data analytics, massive cloud adoption, IoT, and others.

With mobile and data-driven applications, your customers have become used to real-time access which is available round the clock, from just about anywhere. Legacy systems with bulky architectures cannot keep up with the current requirements of IT infrastructure.

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