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Winning in a digital economy needs a future-proof digital platform

Organization's digital success is now determined by customer experiences. And customers becomes the most important stakeholder of any organization. To serve your customers better, improve your offering, and boost your profits - you need to build a customized platforms to suit your industry process and needs as well as, delivering personalized and contextual information to your customers.

Digital platforms are empowering new business models and ecosystems that provide a whole new way to create value across a much wider ecosystem that encompasses customers, empowering employees, and transforming internal business processes. It enable a new level of collaboration between two or more interdependent groups (end users and producers) that can result in the conception of entirely new products and services.

Digital platforms is the key ingredient for the success in
Digital Economy.

Key Trends - Driving the need for a Digital Platform

In this hyper-connected world, organizations need to be ready to remodel their businesses and recreate it for taking advantage of the new opportunities. Here are the key driving factors that are creating the need for a single interconnected platform for digital business:

Digital Technology Usage

Digital Technology Usage

Using advanced digital technology, new products and software are developed and implemented so quickly that organizations should be able to transform at the same pace and adapt more quickly to continuous, sudden and rapid change.

Digital Customer Experience

Digital Customer Experience

Understanding customer behavior and designing a seamless customer experience an be achieved only when processes and the enterprise are connected to ecosystems, things, people, and customers

Deriving Customer Insights

Deriving Customer Insights

Delivering meaningful customer experiences requires deep customer intelligence that's gathered from multiple channels and integrated into a complete picture.

Digital Trade

Digital Trade

Need to support global business processes connecting customers, partners & employees

Leverage Knoldus Digital Platform and make Digital-led Business transformation a reality

The Knoldus Digital Transformation Platform simplifies the IT landscape & provides an end-to-end digital enterprise architecture that can digitize business processes. KDP combines business transactions and analytics to form a reimagined digital core that connects applications and ecosystems across all the key parts of your business. Deployable in the cloud, it delivers real-time intelligent insights for enhanced decision making.

As your needs change, you can continue to innovate and evolve Platforms' development by third parties' provision of application programming interfaces (APIs) that enable interdependent groups to share data to create new services. Application programming interfaces (APIs) can play a central role in helping you achieve all of these goals and facilitate your expansion and growth in a fiercely competitive digital world.

Building blocks of Knoldus Digital platform to support digital business

Cloud services

Manage your business services securely and effectively on clouds, at speed, from a single point

API strategy and architecture

Engaging customer experiences that evolve to meet the constantly changing market requirement and maximizing the value of existing organizational assets, investments and business capabilities.

Data Management

Data and application architecture is the catalyst for real-time business models. It ensure that companies can ingest and store a large amounts of structured and unstructured data and process it in real-time using an event-driven approach.


Containers break down web applications and provide a flexible, modular platform to organize and distribute applications.

Digital Ecosystems

Supports the creation of, and connection to, external ecosystems, marketplaces and communities. API management, control and security are its main elements.

Properly managed and implemented, the API-centric architecture shortens time to innovation and provides the foundation for business ecosystems.

Product Architecture of Knoldus Digital Platform

A Core diagram showing how the Knoldus Digital Platform architecture supports
the Business Capabilities

Journey to the digital transformation:

From idea to product, our Knoldus Digital Process steps help you connect the physical world to
the digital world to drive unprecedented outcomes at scale.

Accelerate business values leveraging Knoldus Digital Platform

Knoldus Digital Platform (KDP) is uniquely positioned to enable digital transformation across all key aspects of your business value chain. It helps to achieve
enhanced business performance while minimizing costs and risks.

Knoldus Digital Platform is a

Driver of Innovation

Drive automation, agility, and business innovation

Generator of customer experience

An end-to-end touchpoints optimization & personalized experience across all customer interactions.

Cost Reducer

KDP optimized the cost of infrastructure, reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and drive operational efficiencies

Guarantor of welfare effects

Elimination of market friction and full utilization of technology

Live Business Enabler

Enable live business by turning insights into actions in real time

Knoldus Digital Experience

We help clients from thinking digital to being digital at the core

Flavors of Knoldus Digital Platform (KDP) are powering multiple customers. Powered by our partnerships, these are commercially supported and transforming industries. We have already helped many of our clients build critical Data & Digital platforms to enable their digital transformation, including

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

HPE enhances the customer experience with the near real-time insights by leveraging Knoldus Digital Platform


Re-booking a new flight ticket hassle free by leveraging Knoldus Digital Platform

Meet our experts in Digital platform

Ram Indukuri

Managing Partner

  • Leads global team in digital transformation and big data.
  • Big data & advanced analytics enablement
  • Technology and digital strategies

Bhavya Aggarwal

CTO & Partner

  • Digitalization of the tech function
  • Technology-enables transformation
  • Simplify IT approach & enhance IT performance
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