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About nDimensional

nDimensional, a leading data analytics and AI company that helps companies leverage their data to get to a deeper understanding of what's going on in their business. They needed a scalable data lake that could handle the size and complexity of a massive, growing data set. They turned to Knoldus to guide them in designing and developing a technology architecture that would be cost effective, efficient, and yet flexible enough to meet their current and future needs.

The Challenge

nD wanted to design and develop a scalable data lake that supports both Batch & Stream data that works along with their platform. Also, the objective was to make a self-containing application that can be packaged into an image (e.g.: Docker) and deployed on any cloud service or on-premise.

Although, the basic flow for the application was very simple but the key challenges were:

Our Solutions

Knoldus worked on two key parts -


The technology stack and architecture met the SLAs which were required for the platform. The application was best suited for reactiveness and the entire Lightbend reactive technology stack helped achieving it. Currently this platform is in Beta version and works like a charm.

The new platform and technologies recommended and architected by Knoldus helped nD successfully do the following:

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