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Digital-first companies have turned the traditional media industry on its head. Today’s tech-driven audience is in control of when they consume content, where they consume it, and on what device.

We help our Media and Publishing clients to remove technology barriers, modernize their applications and deliver superior products and services from concept to market, at speed.

Case Studies


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We initially engaged Vikas and his team to initially do an audit on our platform and right after that, we quickly realized that we needed to transition over the entire development to Knoldus because of their expert knowledge of Scala and the professionalism of their entire team. Their engineering team has been able to transform our system into a world class system in a very short period of time and they continue to make it better as we continue working with them. We are always impressed and grateful with their constant support and dedication to the success of the system and the business overall.
Carlos Yong

CTO : 3TierLogic Inc