Why and where Knoldus has used Rust?

  • 11 June 2020
  • By Ayush Kumar Mishra and Pawan Singh Bight
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More companies will be adopting the Rust programming language to write their systems software. Consider this - Microsoft has been considering adopting the Rust programming language instead of the others in the industry. 70% of severe vulnerabilities at Microsoft arise due to memory-safety issues and they cost the company a lot of money too.

Security vulnerabilities & crises are common things we hear on the internet. This is where Rust steps in. Using C/C++ means you will have to manage memory manually in production. It doesn’t give you enough safety checks either.

Rust’s compiler is strict and it will alert you of all memory safety issues while allowing you to write extremely fast & powerful applications. It combines the intuitive syntax of high-level languages with the control and performance of a low-level language.

In this webinar, you will get to know how Knoldus uses the Rust programming language and why you should too. Our experts will walk you through the projects in the domain of Command Line Interface, Networking and Embedded programming where we have used the Rust Programming Language.


Ayush Kumar Mishra

Senior Lead Consultant

Ayush is the Sr. Lead Consultant @ Knoldus Software LLP. In his 10 years of experience, he has become a developer with proven experience in architecting and developing web applications. He is capable of managing challenging projects with remarkable deadline sensitivity without compromising code quality.


Pawan Singh Bisht

Software Consultant

Pawan Singh Bisht is the Software Consultant at Knoldus Software LLP. He has good knowledge of languages C++ and Java, and currently working on Rust. He is always ready to accept new challenges. As a fresher, he always tries to explore the different types of software and tools.

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