How To Use IO Monads in Scala?

  • 06th January, 2020
  • By Prabhat Kashyap
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Functional Programming is preferred since it uses pure functions and values and keeps side effects at bay. However, while building real-life applications, side effects are often needed in the scenario when, say, one needs to query a database or read from or write to the stream.

If you're facing this challenge in your projects too, then IO Monads can come to your rescue. Join our next webinar to explore how using IO Monads, Scala developers can smoothly encapsulate side effects and write graceful programs while maintaining purity in Functional programming.

The agenda of the webinar will be as follows -

  • How to deal with side-effects in Scala in a purely functional way?
  • Important features like:
    • a. Synchronous and asynchronous computations
    • b. Error handling
    • c. Concurrency
    • d. Cancellation
    • e. Parallelism
  • How to use IO Monads in Scala using a live coding demo

    Prabhat Kashyap

    Sr. Software Consultant

    Prabhat is a Sr. Software Consultant with more than 2 years of experience in C, C++, Java, MySQL, and Scala. His interests are in Cyber Security, Web Development, and New technologies. Prabhat developed software and website on different platforms which include VB6, VB.NET, ASP.NET, PHP, Wordpress, OpenCart, SMF, VBulletin, HTML5, MyBB. Prabhat is focused and result oriented, self-motivated and team-oriented and effective team player.

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