Welcome to the Future

  • 30 Mar 2018
  • By Sidharth Khattri
This webinar has now ended. Please view the session recording above

Spirited Scala developers might have gotten their hands dirty time-traveling with Future. Future is a simple way of running workflows/algorithms concurrently/parallelly. Despite being simple (though heavily used), newcomers often find it difficult to reason about its usage.

There could be myriad reasons for this confusion which probably stems from misapprehension about:

  • How Future works
  • How it interacts with Execution Contexts
  • Going 'Back to the Future' this webinar discusses the nitty gritty of Future's space-time continuum.

Learn how to resolve all these misapprehension by watching this webinar.


Sidharth Khattri

Lead Consultant

Sidharth is a Lead Consultant, having experience of more than 4.5 years. He has started working on Scala and Clojure and is actively involved in other developmental work. He enjoys working in a team and believes that knowledge is something that should be shared openly and on a large scale.

As an avid gamer and passionate player, he likes to be involved in both indoor and outdoor activities.

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