Lambda Expression

  • 14 Mar 2018
  • By Yash Bhardwaj
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Nowadays several JVM based Programming Languages like Groovy, Ruby and Scala etc. keeps talking about how much functional they are and how much concised code they write, just keep praising about the features. And here comes the Java feature which helps make more functional Applications in Java and much more than that i.e. Lambda Expressions.

This webinar discusses the concept of Lambda Expression and its working under the hood.



Software Consultant

Yashpal is a software consultant at Knoldus Inc, having more than 2.5 years of working experience. Yash is familiar with programming languages such as Java and Scala and he is currently working on reactive technologies like Scala, Lagom, Akka, Spark, and Kafka. Yash is also a proactive learner of new technologies and languages. His hobbies include playing chess, Table Tennis and basketball, watching Hollywood movies & series and he also loves listening to good music and singing Indian Vocal.

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