Introduction to Akka Streams

  • 19th September, 2019
  • By Manish Mishra
This webinar has now ended. Please view the session recording above

With the advent of "big data", it has become inevitable to process huge volumes of data in real-time to make sense out of it. For this to happen seamlessly, the streaming of that data is necessary. This is where Reactive Streams step in.

Akka Streams is built on top of the Reactive Streams interface. This webinar will be an introduction to Akka Streams and how it simplifies the aspect of back-pressure in real-time streaming.

Here's an outline of the webinar -

  • Introduction to the problem set
  • How do Akka Streams help simplify the problem of back-pressure?
  • Basic terminologies of Akka Streams
  • Live demo of a real-life problem being solved with Akka Streams

Time: 11:00 PM IST / 1:30 P.M EDT

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Manish Mishra

Module Lead Software Consultant

Manish Mishra is a Sr. Software Consultant, with experience of more than 7 years. His primary development technology was Java. He fell for Scala language and found it innovative and interesting language and fun to code with. He has also co-authored a journal paper titled: Economy Driven Real Time Deadline Based Scheduling. His interests include: learning cloud computing products and technologies, algorithm designing. He finds Books and literature as favorite companions in solitude. He likes stories, Spiritual Fictions and Time Traveling fictions as his favorites.

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