Design Pattern

  • 02 July 2018
  • By Priyanka Thakur and Kritika Khandelwal
This webinar has now ended. Please view the session recording above

This webinar explains the design patterns, how they make our work easy and try to show that most of our problems are already solved with these patterns.

Learn how we can use different design patterns in different situation through this webinar.


Priyanka Thakur

Software Consultant

Priyanka Thakur is a Software Consultant having 6 months of experience currently working at Knoldus Software LLP. She has done MCA at BVICAM, GGSIPU. She has a graduation degree in BCA from JIMS, GGSIPU. She is familiar with programming language' s such as C, Java, and Scala. She also has interest in Angular and Docker and currently working on Logam. She is dedicated, focused and hardworking person. Her interests are in to face new programming challenges because she believes these challenges produce opportunity. She is keen to learn new technologies. In her leisure time, she prefers reading about mythology, watching movies.


Kritika Khandelwal

Software Consultant

Kritika Khandelwal is a Software Consultant. She has good knowledge of various programming languages like C, Java and Scala. She also has interests in web development languages like Angular,HTML, JavaScript, CSS etc. She is always eager to learn new and advance concepts in order to expand her horizon and apply them in project development with her existing knowledge. Her hobbies includes reading novels,watching movies and playing badminton.

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