How is AI/ML impacting healthcare?

  • 5th September, 2019
  • By Manish Mishra
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If you are an artificial intelligence/machine learning enthusiast, here's the perfect video to watch.

The impact of artificial intelligence/machine learning in the healthcare sector has turned out to be phenomenal. Studies suggest that it has the potential to improve outcomes by 30-40% and reduce treatment costs by almost 50%.

In this video, our experts at Knoldus had covered important topics pertaining to how healthcare is being revolutionized by Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning. This video will walk you through:

  • The healthcare sector at a glance
  • The importance of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning in the healthcare sector
  • How AI/ML is providing solutions for complex problems in the healthcare industry
  • A real-life problem set with a solution and conclusion

    Narayan Kumar

    Module Lead Software Consultant

    Narayan Kumar is a Module Lead Software Consultant having experience of more than 3.5 years. He is passionate about Scala development and have worked on the complete range of Scala Ecosystem. He is a quick learner & curious to learn new technologies. He is responsible and a good team player. He has a good understanding of building streaming application on Apache Spark, Kafka and Cassandra.

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