Taking your Image Classification model into production

  • 16 July 2020
  • By Shubham Goyal

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Classifying objects in real-life is easy for humans but not so much for machines. This is where Image Classification comes into play. Image classification is one of the fundamental problems of Computer Vision and deals with the labelling of images into one of a number of predefined classes.

Image classification is used in multiple real-life scenarios such as identifying whether an X-Ray image signifies the presence of cancer or not, classifying a handwritten digit, or recognizing a face or object in a photograph and assigning it a name.

However, often deep learning or image classification models end up being built and trained, but they never go into production. This webinar will help you understand image classification better along with the demonstration of a Deep Learning accelerator project. Using this, one can easily deploy an image classification model and take it from your notebook to production.


Shubham Goyal

Data Scientist

Shubham Goyal is a Data Scientist at Knoldus Inc. With this, he is an artificial intelligence researcher, interested in doing research on different domain problems and a regular contributor to society through blogs and webinars in machine learning and artificial intelligence. He had also written a few research papers on machine learning. Moreover, a conference speaker and an official author at Towards Data Science.

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