Let's get to know Snowflake

  • 03 Sept 2020
  • By Sarfaraz Hussain
This webinar has now ended. Please view the session recording above

As “big data” becomes increasingly ubiquitous and important to a variety of organizations, many of the existing database systems and platforms have become too cumbersome to set up and maintain. On-site systems can be complex and difficult to scale, and other “big data” solutions require constant tuning and administrators with the knowledge on how to do so.

With Snowflake, there is no trade-off between scalability and productivity. It lets you focus more on using your data rather than managing the system your data lives in. Join our upcoming webinar to learn more about Snowflake and how it interacts.


Sarfaraz Hussain

Senior Software Consultant

Sarfaraz Hussain is a Big Data fan working as a Senior Software Consultant with an experience of 2+ years. He is working in technologies like Spark, Scala, Java, Snowflake, Hive & Sqoop and has completed his Master of Engineering with specialization in Big Data & Analytics. He loves to teach and is a huge fitness freak and loves to hit the gym when he's not coding.

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