Emerging Innovations in Lending using Smart Contracts

  • 04 Aug 2020
  • By Neeraj Kumar, Atul Rawat, Manish Grover, and Krishna Singh
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Lending is a complex mesh of activities like managing the customer, mitigating risks, overseeing payments & defaults, and keeping up with regulations. Things get more complex as multiple institutional parties are almost always involved and there's a lack of transparency and end-to-end visibility in the process for the user.

Blockchain and smart contracts have often been quoted in the context of eliminating intermediaries i.e peer-to-peer decentralized finance. However, smart contracts can be used both with and without a blockchain.

This webinar expresses our intent to solve these challenges presented by the traditional ways of lending with a decentralized approach. This makes the lending process more user-efficient, saves cost by removing the need for intermediaries, and helps resolve it quickly.

We will also address bridging the internal data islands as well as solving the most pressing problems that enterprises face today with Digital CX & Analytics. This also creates the foundation for multi-enterprise collaboration on the end-to-end business process, and finally the adoption of a decentralized model, if required.


  • The lending landscape and an introduction to DAML Smart Contracts
  • Common business process challenges & data islands within the enterprise and how to address them.
  • How to streamline processes that span multiple organizations?
  • Live illustration by Knoldus of a decentralized lending app, called DeCredit, made using DAML smart contracts. DeCredit allows direct lending with real-time visibility into the lending process.


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