How to make an application containerized?

  • 27 May 2021
  • By Sakshi Gawande

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In this emerging Digital age, Applications and data, running enterprises will live everywhere!. This growth of applications is leading the huge adoption of container technologies and is altering the way IT services are managed. This is resulting in the transformation of your applications for greater agility and innovation.

Leading this disruptive collision in cloud computing and information technology has zeroed down its focus to the next paradigm in scalable software deployment, which is containers. The approach towards containers ensures that enterprises succeed in their digital transformation journey, and smoothly incorporate the new cutting edge technologies to business benefits.

In this webinar with Sakshi Gawande, titled 'How to make an application containerized?' you'll gain the required knowledge of techniques and best practices to get started with containerizing your own software applications.


Sakshi Gawande

Software Consultant

Sakshi is a software consultant at knoldus having experience of more than 1 year. She's familiar with scala, Akka, play and various DevOps tools (Docker, Ansible, Kubernetes, Jenkins, TeamCity, terraform). Currently, she's working as a DevOps eng and also part of the SRE team. She's eager to learn new technologies and tools to make tasks more simple. She's hobbies are dancing, painting and cooking as well.

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