Hardening Kubernetes Cluster

  • 06 Aug 2020
  • By Mukesh Yadav
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Containers deployments in Kubernetes clusters create both familiar and new security challenges. Given the ephemeral nature of containers, the speed and agility goals of microservices architecture, a preliminary detection of potential risks, and early discovery of viable threats yield the best security outcomes.

Successfully addressing the Kubernetes security challenges requires integrating security into each phase of the container lifecycle: build, deploy, and run.

Watch this webinar video to explore how to:

  • Stay on top of ongoing Kubernetes hygiene by hardening your nodes, employing best practices
  • Implement role-based access control of users
  • Manage Kubernetes Secrets
  • Thwart an attack, with a live demo

Join our discussion, complete with hands-on examples and practical tips, to improve security for your Kubernetes environments today.


Mukesh Yadav

DevOps Engineer at Knoldus Inc.

Mukesh is a Software Consultant having experience of 1 year. He is familiar with Java, Scala, MySQL, Apache Kafka, and DevOps tool (Docker, Ansible, Jenkins, Python, Prometheus, and Kubernetes). He works with a variety of tools to solve the problem. He is always passionate and eager to learn new technologies & apply them in respective projects. His hobbies include watching anime, movies, and playing games on the PC.

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