Creating Smart Contracts with DAML

  • 04 June 2020
  • By Himani Arora
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As enterprise blockchain technology evolves, there’s a need to choose new improved languages to build specialized Smart Contracts. The smart contracts languages that already exist are designed for traditional applications. They are low-level and exhibit tight coupling with the underlying infrastructures. Developers struggle as they are slow to program and significantly impact the time-to-market.

Choosing the wrong language for your smart contracts can also compromise the security of your distributed applications. We have seen the instances of exploitable bugs in the past which have harmed crypto ecosystems in the past.

So, a developer will need a language to code smart contracts that will take care of all the details, be it security or speed, and let them focus on the business logic.

This webinar will introduce you to DAML, a modern, functional language to code smart contracts for distributed ledgers. Our expert will also walk you through a DAML-based decentralized Credit Application during the demo.


Himani Arora

Lead Consultant

Himani is a Software Consultant, having experience of more than 2.5 years. She is very dedicated, hardworking and focussed. She is Familiar with C#, C++, C , PHP, Scala and Java and has interest in Functional programming. She is very helpful and loves to share her knowledge. Her hobbies include reading books and cooking.

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