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Getting Productive with Lift

The 2 day Core Lift framework course is aimed at developers who want to build their web applications with LiftWeb and Scala.

Though it covers a brief introduction to Scala, however, it is not a replacement for the "Getting Productive with Scala" course.

The course has a practical focus, mixing presentation with in depth hands on labs and exercises. At the end of the course, participants would have built a complete web application with Lift, be aware of the best practices of using Lift and would be ready to take steps to deploy Lift and Scala based applications to production.

Day 1

What is Lift? Philosophy and Architecture.
Brief review of Scala.
Understanding View First Design.
Templating with Lift.
Understanding View Snippet Model.
SiteMap and Boot.scala.

Day 2

Ajax and Comet.
Lift Forms.
Lift Actors.
Http and RESTful services.
Http and RESTful services.
Lift Mapper.

Course Prerequisites

To benefit from this course you should have 1-2 years experience with an object oriented (eg. Java, C#) or functional (eg. Haskell, Scheme) programming language and a good general understanding of object oriented or functional programming language concepts. Having worked with a Web Framework would help.

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