Functional Programming with Scala

The 2-day Functional Programming Scala course is aimed at developers who have been using Scala but would like to get more out of the language. They understand Scala syntax, language constructs, distinctive object-oriented characteristics but would like to start thinking in a functional way.

This course is designed to help developers think of Scala as a pure functional language. Mutable variables, exceptions, classical input/output, and all other traces of impurity are eliminated. Building up from first principles and extending all the way to incremental input and output, developers would be able to express every concept using only pure functions. This leads to beautiful code and deep insights into the nature of computation.

The course has a practical focus, mixing presentation with in-depth hands-on labs and exercises.

Day 1

What is FP?
Functional Data Structures.
Errors and Exceptions.
Strictness and laziness.
Functional State.
Functional Parallelism.

Day 2

Functional Testing.
Real world -
Mutable State.
Stream Processing.

Course Prerequisites

Basic knowledge of Scala as covered in the "Get Productive with Scala" course with at least two months practical experience in developing with Scala. Students should bring their own laptop with Java 6 or higher installed.

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